Morley Waste Traders Ltd.


With close to fifty years’ worth of experience, Morley Waste Traders understands the type, level and range of services its customers require. Whether it’s the general public calling in to one of our sites or providing huge scale collection services from manufacturing industry, we have the products, equipment and resources to deliver the exact service to meet your needs.


Morley Waste Traders was fully established in 1962.

We operate 10 professionally organised and fully authorised metal waste recycling centres, which combine to provide significant coverage of the Yorkshire region.

We handle in excess of 150,000 tonnes annually.

With a significant programme of investment in plant, technology, systems and expertise, Morley Waste Traders lead the way in the modern processing and safe recycling of scrap metal and associated materials.

We understand the importance of reducing landfill and reusing the world’s finite metal resources.

Morley Waste Traders collects hundreds of thousands of aluminium cans every year.

We ensure that all our sites have the very latest plant and machinery required to handle the technical and regulatory demands of modern waste disposal and recycling.

Our prices are competitive and updated daily.


If you create scrap metal waste as a consequence of your factory, manufacturing or site processes, we can provide you with a skip drop off and collection service free of charge. We will make a site visit to discuss your requirements and then organise the appropriate skip and collection schedule. We will drop it off, collect it, weigh it and pay an agreed value on weight (minimum weights apply). We can provide various sized skips from 8yards to 40yards, plus roll on and off bins in various sizes. We currently run a fleet of 24 vehicles and also offer tractor unit and trailer and flatbed collections.


We specialise in site and factory clearance and the removal of large scale plant machinery. For site clearances we offer the following services:

  • Dismantling
  • Demolition
  • Clearance
  • Mobile Shearing
  • Mobile Balers


The importance of recycling has always been championed by Morley Waste Traders. We understand the importance of reducing landfill and reusing the world’s finite metal resources. Visit our Environment section for more details on recycling and depollution.





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